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Thunderbirds are Now!

Thunderbirds are Now!
French Kiss

If you’ve recently fallen for the loveable post-everything-core noise of hip London trio Test Icicles, then get ready to fall in love all over again because ‘Justamustache‘ is probably your favourite record. You just don’t know it yet.

Thunderbirds Are Now! are brought to you by the kind people at French Kiss Records (otherwise known as fab art-punks Les Savy Fav) and deliver catchy, high energy dance-fused rock that draws on the frantic power of At The Drive-In alongside the deranged shronk rock of their aforementioned label bosses. That said, they never stray to far left of centre for the mainstream to understand and successfully walk the line between art and commerce with ease. Watch these Thunderbirds go!

James Sherry