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This Is Skateboard Music

A collection of real 1970’s skateboarding tunes!
Diggler Records

Oh yes, this could be one of the finest records in the history of skateboarding and music! Someone somewhere in Germany came up with the idea of having the cheesiest skateboard tunes EVER on one disc and released it! I guess that the tunes on this CD from the 70’s are the roots of what made skate rock in the 80’s but obviously with a completely different flavour, but what is totally unbelievable is the fact that every tune on this compilation is as camp as Little Britain and makes you wanna actually go into the shed to find your 70’s roller skates and be totally gay in the street! With a mix of classic 70’s funk, disco and surf flavoured Beach Boys style songs on every track you are not gonna be disappointed whatsoever if you have a sense of humour..

85% of the track names start with the word Skateboard such as Skateboard Racer, Skateboard Boogie, Shuffle, Saturday, Queen and so on featuring acts such as The Carvels from the UK, Sneakers and Lace, Daffy Duck and even Marc Bolan’s T.Rex appear with a track at the end of the record! Yeah, and guess what it’s called? “Skateboard!“…this is a must have for pure fun value. It’s the CD you will be picking out of your collection when you get back from the pub with a handful of drunken mates and dance round the table until you collapse with laughter. Expect to hear this on skate DVD’s and web clips for many years to come. It really sounds like someone is seriously taking the piss and is worth every penny.

There is a limited edition double gatefold vinyl pack on sale to, go get one from Diggler and try it for yourself or just buy it direct from herehere.