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The Young Veins

The Young Veins
(ADA Global / One Haven)

The Young Veins were born out of the big Panic At The Disco exodus that happened last year which involved main songwriter Ryan Ross and kindred spirit Jon Walker leaving the band as they didn’t like the way it was going or the way they were controlled.

Ross and Walker then went on to form The Young Veins, a band rather far removed from Panic’s roots and firmly based in a love of 60s music and that whole retro musical movement. ‘Change’ is a great way for the album to open and it really sets the tone for the whole record.

It’s hard to relate The Young Veins back to Panic really although there were definitely some signs of the 60s influence on that band’s last album ‘Pretty. Odd.’ ‘Change’ is a track infused with summery goodness and its jangling guitars and lilting vocals, though clearly imbibed with that retro feel, also have a modern twist. Main songwriter Ross is barely out of his teens after all. There’s nothing pretentious about this music; ‘Change’ is just a straight-up feel good song which shows some serious skills on the writing front.