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The Proper Ornaments

now_i_understand_ the_proper_ornamentsThe Proper Ornaments
‘Now I Understand’
Fortuna Pop Records

There was a time this year when the only time I could hear this track was on Marc Riley’s 6Music radio show. I searched high and low for it online, like a hopeless addict, thinking that someone, somewhere would have uploaded it, but no. It was a wait that I had to endure until it legally emerged on their debut LP Wooden Head but it was worth the wait.

Since then, ‘Now I Understand’ has been on repeat weekly. It’s like driving an old American car that’s been rusting and dusty under a sheet for 20 years. You find her, start her up, cruise until you reach your destination with a smile on your face and then re-take the journey back to the beginning all over again because it felt so good.

One of the best tracks of the year for these ears. All hail.