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The Night Marchers

The Night Marchers
“See You In Magic”
(Vagrant Records)

When I heard that John ‘Speedo’ Reis from Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes fame had started a new project and was back in the driving seat, I knew this record could possibly be a contender for album of the year. Why? Because his song writing skills and general vocal presence has always been an enjoyable experience and live, well, if you have never seen the above mentioned bands then you are lucky to have another chance, as live, Speedo comes as cool as ice.

The Night Marchers sound is not as technical as Hot Snakes and less flamboyant than the horn filled Rocket but “See You In Magic” sees the band deliver a full album of incredible songs that melt sweet rock and roll into your ears with a spiky edge. The album kicks off with stabbing excellence of ‘And I Keep Holding On’ and delivers rock and roll, pop perfection in songs such as the catchy ‘Jump in the Fire’, ‘I Wanna Deadbeat You’, ‘Total Bloodbath‘ and In Dead Sleep (I Snore ZZZZ). The rockabilly stomp continues on the express ride of ‘Branded’ and ‘Open Your Legs’ and only slows down once the brakes are applied at the right moments.

Basically Reis is back and he means business. This record is heading the charge of the 2008 rock and roll revolution, let’s just hope your ears don’t miss out on what without doubt will become one of the albums of the year.