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The Kills

The Kills
Midnight Boom
(Domino Records)

What do you get when you cross rump shaking and Kate Moss? Well, once you’ve taken your minds out of the gutter, I’ll tell you. Kate Moss’ current squeeze and his band mate make up The Kills, and they’ve teamed up with Spank Rock’s XXXChange on production for their new album Midnight Boom.

The album is a catchy little record, with sing-a-long choruses and finger strumming melodies and these are in full effect for the track you can here above, Cheap And Cheerful. With the chorus telling us “I want you to be crazy, coz you’re boring baby when you’re straight / I want you to be crazy, coz you’re stupid baby when you’re sane” you can’t help but jump out of your seat and spaz out to the beat… right? RIGHT?

The rest of the album continues in the same vein and prove that even if the band aren’t making groundbreaking music, the underlying groove is there and you don’t even need to be dating some skinny oik from Croydon to appreciate it. Winner!