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The Horrorpops

‘Kiss Kiss Kill Kill’

The Horrorpops could certain teach Justin a thing or two in terms of bringing sexy back. Granted, you probably won’t see the Danish psychobilly trio bothering the charts in the near future (for shame!), but in third album ‘Kiss Kiss Kill Kill‘, they’ve created what is probably the sexiest, most sultry kitten of an album to grace these ears since, erm, their previous record.

The band may veer towards the more melodic, pop-oriented end of the psychobilly spectrum, but their signature sharp wit remains delightfully intact (with vocalist/upright bassist Patricia Day gleefully parodying the chorus of Madness’ ‘Our House’ for the “My fist, in the middle of your face” refrain of ‘MissFit’). Be it the ska-tinged stylings of the aforementioned ‘MissFit‘, the rollicking stomp of ‘Boot2Boot’, or the widescreen balladry of ‘Hitchcock Starlet’, the Horrorpops pull it off with an abundance of catchy tunes and no little panache.

Check out ‘Heading For The Disco?’ and smile as Patricia takes aim at would-be 80’s fashionista types in suitably sassy style. Oh, and be sure to have your dancing shoes at the ready.

Alex Gosman