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The Ghost Of A Thousand

The Ghost Of A Thousand
This Is Where The Fight Begins

“Time to start spitting blood again/Punk rock needs you again!” roars TGOAT vocalist Tom Lacey on opening track Bored Of Math, and you can’t help but admire his conviction. This Brighton quintet are probably sick of being compared to Gallows by now, but they do share many of their best traits with Frank Carter’s mob:

The dissonant rock n’ roll swagger, the huge crashing waves of metallic guitar – and most notably, the welcome sense of danger and unpredictability that infuses every track on this debut album. If this is indeed where the fight begins, then you’d be well advised to sign up for TGOAT’s cause; because right now they’re sounding unbeatable.

The track you can hear here is the recklessly powerful Left For Dead, showcasing TGOAT’s supreme ability not only to thrash their way through a track, but also keep you interested, forcing your ears to open up to the pouding they’re about to take. With the drums hammering their way through the thundering guitars, Tom Lacey’s screamed vocals rip holes in the airwaves and show you just why these guys are getting the attention they so thoroughly deserve.

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