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The Crimea

The Crimea
Baby Boom

The Crimea have been simmering underneath the radar for a few months, relentlessly touring and working on the new album – but with the release of the atmospheric, multi facetted Baby Boom, they have the weapon with which to really crack into the mainstream. Baby Boom, a mainstay of their stunning live shows, sets your senses alight with twinkling keyboards, soothing bass and wailing, almost crying, guitars combining with Dave MacManus’s edgy and breaking vocals.

The lyrics are both comical and tragic ‘we’re just a bunch of buffalos, getting slaughtered’ is closely followed by the wonderfully comic chorus lines of ‘You can call me Fred Flintstone, Tarzan King of The Jungle..’. It’s an inspirational wide sound, every piece of the jigsaw fitting together for a track that is both melancholic but strangely uplifting, a dark sky lit by sparkling stars. The Crimea are one of the hardest working bands out there, and well deserving of success. Baby Boom is a great showcase for them and it’s little wonder it’s been Track of The Week on Radio One – and with a slot at V Festival on the horizon, here’s hoping they win over the crowds.