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Surreal & DJ Balance

Surreal & DJ Balance
Future Classic
(Hip Hop IS Music)

Surreal & DJ Balance have come out with a cracking new album, Future Classic and have brought their own mix of jazzy vibes and boom bap goodness to the forefront with this release. This track, Permanent Ink, features the vocal additions of Braille and Sivion and is the stand out track on the record.

With Vintage‘s beat of an underlaying choral sample and snappy snare, the three rappers vocalise their ability to rise above the wackness and prove their worth as emcees. With rappers switching their images up all the time and proclaiming greatness with no proof to back it up, Braille, Sivion and Surreal show them how its really done.

This record is another reason why the Hip Hop IS Music label is standing tall in the world of hip hop right now and if you’re digging this, you should definitely check out their other releases. Absolutely brilliant.