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There are not many artists out there that can say they have 18 albums out there that have changed a part of musical history but Stereolab can and this latest offering from the cooky, indie specialists is simply beautifully crafted from every angle.

All tracks recorded in their Instant Zero studio in Bordeaux have a quirky sound that i find very difficult to categorise as i write this as the entire album fitted like a glove, has left me in a trance like state that can only be described as lush.

This is a record that fits the same dreamlike stature of when people talk about the future, like the soundtrack to the film Gattica: dust free space walks, education checks and segregation yet, the style factor of such a unique sound bursts through like sunrays in an Arctic chapel, glittering and spare.

The beautifully haunting vocals of Laetitia Sadier are either going to make or break you, but with the mysterious underlay of moogs, samples, guitar licks and precision drum beats, this album may not sound live but it’s fresh out of the box and should have you hooked in two listens. Every track on this album has been available as a ltd edition single so far via 7″ but now you can have all 12 tracks on one CD for your listening pleasure and believe us when we say you will have a spring in your step after owning one of these, perfectly timed, finely tuned and simply stunning.

Look out for them live on May 11th at London’s Koko, as it is their only UK show booked this year.