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Short Sharp Shock

Short Sharp Shock
Dead and Gone Records

Good thrash metal is like a really decent super strength lager, one minute you have a taste and the next you are delving into the darkness of life savouring every slurp. Welcome SSS (Short Sharp Shock) from Liverpool UK, a newish band who got their shit together last summer and have recently toured with Walk The Plank.

Their raging sound is influenced by classic 80’s thrash artists such as S.O.D, Nuclear Assault, DRI, and Megadeth which is no bad thing, these influences cunjure up a scene that has never fully disappeared in the UK underground and is still active around you.

Check out the track CDC on this page that is lifted from the self titled 7″ with 3 other tracks out on Dead and Gone Records, it will take up just 1 minute of your measly life and is more powerful than your favourite porno site. Eat it.