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It’s so easy to get bored with black metal these days. What with its overflowing pot of lustrous Cradle wannabes, you sometimes wonder where the hell, the grittiness and out and out fucking evilness of it all went. Until now. Enter Norwegen two piece Satyricon. They’ve come to beat you round the ears with their new album Now, Diabolical which is actually a bit of a grower.

It’s the first release since signing to Roadrunner Records but having been around for nigh on 13 years, this could well be their most successful album since 1996’s Nemesis Divina and the one that possibly catapults them more into the mainstream. Eight tracks of your typical black metal fare but with a brain throttling doominess, that will leave you quaking in your New Rocks.

The opening two tracks Now, Diobolical and K.I.N.G are the stars of the album and encompass the full blooded evilness that Satyricon have pulled off. Swaddled in gloom and teamed with such phenomenal drums, you will not want to switch it off. After a few spins you will get past the low budget production which granted most black metal albums have, and begin to appreciate an album worth shelling out a few quid for. Even if you are not a fan of black metal, give it a go and you just might be surprised. Obviously if you play this while you gran is round, you’re gonna scare the bejesus out of her and she may well pee her pants in fear. But, on your own head be it.

Jane Hawkes