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Grind Your Mind – A History Of Grindcore

It’s fair to say that the genre known as Grindcore is without doubt the most extreme, obscene and damn right ear shattering off-shoot splintering of metal and punk to ever emerge from the dingy depths of the underground music scene.

And here we have ‘Grind Your Mind‘ – a definitive and utterly comprehensive CD collection that covers every aspect of grind from it’s roots in early UK crust and peace-punk ‘ala Discharge, Civilised Society to the eighties UK hardcore explosion of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Ripcord, Sore Throat etc, to the more technical pre-death metal blasts of Repulsion and Terrorizer.

Better still, ‘Grind Your Mind‘ brings us bang up to date with newer acts like Pig Destroyer, Regurgitate and Mistress showing doubters just how far the extremities of the genre can be taken.

This is some serious heavy shit. 72 two tracks of grunting mayhem spread over two discs of parent baiting noise. When I first discovered the joys of Napalm Death and Cryptic Slaughter etc as a teenager in my bedroom I vividly recall the look on my mum’s face as she opened my bedroom door and said ‘what the hell are you listening to in here? Is that supposed to be music or are you actually killing people in here?‘. ‘No mum,’ I replied. ‘I’m not killing anyone, I’m just having a listen to Anal Blast and their new album ‘Suck The Shit Off My Dick!

That track’s on this CD. It’s great. This whole cd is sick. Buy one for your emo friends.

James Sherry