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Cranium Smashing Brutality
Redrum Records

There’s a lot of great bands coming from the Emerald Isle right now but Putrefy are seriously sick, they’re from Northern Ireland and have one of the best death/gore metal sounds out there at moment.

This release on Redrum Records is their 1st album and also comes with all the songs from the former “Lust so Vile” EP making this a must have. All of the songs have been re-recorded and re-mastered for this making Cranium Smashing Brutality as brutal as it comes! It’s safe to say that Putrefy have very much developed from the last EP and serve up much tighter and more complicated arrangements which brings comparisons to heavy hitters like Gorerotted. with this release. Classic tracks such as “Drowned in Concrete” and “Tit, Clits and Hacked of Bits“, stand out for amazing timing and demonic brutality.

If you are looking for the embodiment of true underground metal featuring green zombie artwork with samples, blasting raw power, breakdowns and gutteral vocals then Putrefy have all the right ingredients for a dose of proper underground death.