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Public Enemy

Public Enemy
New Whirl Odor
Slam Jamz

Public Enemy have always been seen as one of the godfathers of hip hop. Their classic albums “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” and “Fear Of A Black Planet” brought their plight of the underprivileged to the plate and smashed a home run against oppression.

Chuck D and Flav are back with their first studio album in 3 years, and from the off its like they’d never been away with the heavy drums of “New Whirl Odor“.

Chuck D’s angry and punchy flow gives every track that hardcore snap that we’re used to with Public Enemy, and Flav is the perfect compliment to him, as ever. The use of strings on “MKLVFKWR” and guitars in “What A Fool Believes” provide a nice detour from the usual boom bap but its during “Bring That Beat Back“, that you remember just how influential their sound was.

Public Enemy are back with a voice as loud and justified as it has ever been, don’t sleep on it.

Sam Hesketh