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Portugal The Man

Portugal. The Man.
Church Mouth
(Fearless Records)

Whilst gallivanting around London recently with my partner in musical crime ‘Scene Damage’, she mentioned a band that have been rocking her socks recently. Remembering hazily the next day her excitement about them, I dropped her an e-mail to refresh my memory.

The culprits…Portugal. The Man. To get straight to the point, I have had this Alaskan indie 3 piece firmly on repeat for the last two days. ‘My Mind‘ being my favorite of their tracks up on MySpace, which you can hear by clicking above.

Musically, they aren’t like anything else I am aware of. Using a fusion of drum machines, synth loops and the more conventional, guitar, these boys have managed to create a soul, indie, rock mish mash that works perfectly. Usually, the words ‘indie’ and ‘high pitched vocals’ would send me running to the hills, but they have got it spot on.

PTM have played with the likes of The Fall of Troy, The Matches, HORSE the Band and Gatsby’s American Dream. In early 2007 PTM released an E.P entitled ‘It’s complicated being a wizard‘ which contained one 23 minute long song. PTM are now officially no longer part of the Fearless Record family and plan on independently releasing a studio album and returning to Europe in February. I can’t wait!

Kelly Renda