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Poison Idea

Poison Idea
Latest Will And Testament
Farewell Records

What should have been a celebratory release of the comeback of one of the greatest American hardcore punk bands of all time is now tinged with sadness. Original guitarist Pig Champion died earlier this year just after this album was completed, their first in nearly ten years. It was no secret that Pig was not a healthy man. His sheer size and endless bad habits were never going to see him into his eighties but it was still a shock when he finally went. I had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions and he was a kind and friendly giant and knocked up a great curry too!

Pig and frontman Jerry A were lifelong friends and went through thick and thin together in the band. The booklet opens with some words from Pig: ‘This is a dedication of love to Jerry A. and Poison Idea. It is with great pride that we have delivered this LP. That we have completed it is almost a miracle.’

Despite the fact that Pig rarely gigged with the band anymore (his size made touring difficult!), he was still very much a member of Poison Idea and his unmistakable guitar and buzzing trademark riffs run riot all over this album as Jerry A screams and bellows like he’s sixteen again. And while this album was never going to reach the dizzy heights of the classic ‘Feel The Darkness‘ there’s still some great Poison Idea moments here and let’s face it, any new Poison Idea music is good music.

Songs like ‘The Number One‘ and ‘Jihad Love‘ are as ferocious as anything the band have delivered in the past and ‘Latest Will And Testament‘ is just another great Poison Idea album. And this one’s for Pig.

James Sherry