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Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick
Second Home
(Bella Union)

Peter Broderick is so talented it makes me sick. I in fact have become so absorbed in this 22 year old’s (I know, right?!) music that I’ve essentially become metabolically addicted to the notes he plays. Additionally, the scenic worlds and nostalgic colours that emerge from his melodies, if you’re lucky enough to suffer from synesthesia, make listening to him feel like being at a spectacular fireworks display, only a quiet, serene and peaceful one.

His first ‘proper’ album, Home was dropped amidst a myriad of other albums that may or may not be considered ‘proper’ (and indeed they were all less proper but more totally incredible), got some pretty unfair comments from some reviewers. Not experimental enough some will say, or too pleasant. Too pleasant? Even if we ignore the meticulous but natural experimentation of Ten Duets or Music For Falling From Trees – and both came out this year, what’s your excuse, better paid musicians? – is it wrong in a world where technology has sodomised us, our social lives and gobbled up our values as if we laid them out on a buffet table but didn’t expect so many people to turn up, to just sit down and enjoy ‘nice’ music.

Second Home is the re-release of the never-too-pleasant Home, and features a bonus disc of ten previously unreleased tracks. Never ever contrived and rarely does it fall below beautiful, this album should make you delirious, in a good way.