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Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Peter and the Test Tube Babies
The Loud and Blaring Punk Rock LP

Imagine Brighton in 1978. Punk rock had taken over the fashionable mod movement from the 60’s and mohawks ruled the airwaves, in fact the only thing that was holding up the pier was the whafts of hairspray and bottles of merrydown!

It wasn’t long before the seaside town had a flagship, sing along punk rock band that reflected the mood of drunken youth and Peter & the Test Tube Babies were the 4 piece made sure they were heard all over the UK. With 3 chords, a bottle of merrydown and some electricity, their popularity grew amongst the punk scene with releases such as Banned from the Pubs, Run Like Hell from the album Pissed and Proud in 1982.

But in 1984, The Loud and Blaring Punk Rock LP was released and caused much banter with songs such as Oral Annie, The Queen Gives Good Blow Jobs, Student Wankers, Child Molester, Porno Queen, Breast Cancer, Vicars (Wank Too) and Pick Your Nose and Eat It. It seemed that Peter had made the most repulsive punk record to date and that is why this album is featured here today because it’s a living legend!

As I type this I could not count the amount of times that this has been played in the car on road trips to either go on missions to see bands outside of town and skate trips. It’s a classic that has to be in your collection if you like cheeky punk malarkey, so go and find it!