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Ohmega Watts

Ohmega Watts
Watts Happening

What is always important when listening to good hip hop? Elementary my dear Watson, it’s the drums. If your drums don’t pop, the song might as well stop. If your beats don’t bang, you lose your hunger pang. And if that percussion ain’t fly, then why do you try? So the first thing you get to notice about Ohmega Watts’ music is that his drums are ALWAYS on point, with absolutely no exception.

His previous album The Find was a great example of this with chilled out tracks galore and it was always going to be hard to follow such a good record. However, with Watts Happening, the producerslashrapper has made an even better record, utilising his vast repertoire of sounds and skills to bring a near perfect album to your ears.

The track you can hear is Roc The Bells featuring his crew Lightheaded [Othello and Braille] and shows that he can mix it up with some bangers amongst his chilled out vibes. With a catchy hook, some fierce rapping and those oh so important drums, Ohmega is proving himself to be one of the best producers around.

“We got that good hip hop you like, that good hip hop make you feel alright” the song tells you and you know what? It’s spot on.