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People Live Everywhere EP

nonagonWe like it when bands reach out to us direct. No PR company spamming out releases, just straight up, direct contact to say ‘listen to this fucking record, we are putting it out ourselves’. Most bands by choice have to take this route thesedays. With major labels no longer taking risks or even knowing about how scenes develop because their A&R departments are still looking at Myspace for new artists, your average band is forced to get off it’s backside and do the right thing. Do it yourself people and knock on that door.

With Chicago being 3948.26 miles from where our office is in West London, 3-piece punks, Nonagon probably thought we were an American mag but knowing we grew up on Washington Hardcore releases and that we do have a knack of listening to everything that hits our contact page, Nonagon came to the right place this week for a review.

Made up of Tony Aimone (whose previous bands include The Blue Meanies and Taylor), Robert Gomez (Der Lugomen/Martian Law) and John Hastie (Jumpknuckle), Nonagon’s brand new EP kicks off with a crunching bassline, smashing guitars and shouty vocals remiscent of J.Robbins from Jawbox in a fight with the musicians of Bluetip. Thankfully there are no trumpets anywhere near this opening track Vikings, a-la Blue Meanies- only a look back to the good old days of the 90’s when Dischord were on fire with every release they put out. Second track Fresnal Lens offers off-beat drum prowess that slughtly touches on what Tanner were knocking out on ‘Ill Gotten Gains’ all those years back, followed by the spikyness of The Swifts which is where Nonagon’s punk spirit really lets itself loose from the chains. The tempo and winding basslines are stripped back for instrumental number Fadeout before the EP comes to a close just how this People Live Everywhere EP started, with crashing blocks of guitar and a healthy dose of frustration with a meandering crunch close to that of Barkmarket.

If you love the days of Fugazi, Girls Against Boys, Jawbox and The Holy Rollers, then this EP recorded by Justin Foley of The Austerity Program might just be a catalyst to make you get off your fat arse and re-live some of your favourite bands. Stream it in that player below and support these punks and buy the EP for just $5 from