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Heavy Psych
(Tee Pee)

I last touched base with SoCal’s Nebula all the way back in 2001 and the “Charged” album, picked up after seeing them play a kick-ass set opening for The Hellacopters. Thankfully regardless of my own obvious ignorance to their evolution, the intervening years has seen Nebula continuing to tour hard and stick out records on a number of labels and I was definitely all ears to check out Nebula in 2009 when this disc arrived in my mailbox.

There is no question that the “Heavy Psych” tag does exactly what it say on the sleeve… mega-trippy spaced out hard rock with an archetypal fluid stoner groove that taps in to the indispensable leaden sounds of Sabbath, ‘Purple, MC5 and the Big Man himself… “Oh Jimi who art in heaven, Hendrix be thy name”… as Vim Fuego so touchingly lamented. Seriously, I don’t think there’s been much happening since about ’73 for these guys to get excited about!!

I’m typing this review on a beautiful warm summer evening, lights are down, stars are out, fireworks are going off in the distance… and from my stereo the supernatural jams of “Heavy Psych” fit the mood perfectly.

Pete Craven