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My Left Retina

My Left Retina
Fever Ate My Fist EP
(Self Released)

My Left Retina is a producer out of London with a penchant for grog.

His new EP, Fever Ate My Fist, is a masterclass is dirty basslines, high-end bleeps and shuddering rhythms and promises that there is a lot more to come from the beat maker. Opening track Chocolate Lime Dub [is there a better name for an opening track ever?] enters the fray with some sinister chords before shaking things up with a ridiculously lo-fi bassline.

Whilst the common theme on the record is the basslines, tracks such as Last Kiss [Neck Tied] showcase his ability to switch things up, the melodic and tuneful track reminiscent of a less cut-up Prefuse 73 before melting into Self Tongue which takes thing to the other end of the spectrum, vibrating and wobbling its way around your head.

The track you can hear above is Gordon Bombay, which begins with a vocal sample today telling us we’re not going to the disco, before thumping your senses with a bassline so heavy, you might just shit your pants. You can hit up My Left Retina by clicking here, and make sure you get your orders in soon, this EP is going to be gone in no time!