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Motley Crue

Motley Crue
Wild Side

Be warned! The story of the world’s most infamous rock band isn’t a pretty one. With the possible exception of Ozzy Osbourne, no band consumed as many drugs and downed as much booze without dying as the L.A. quartet Mötley Crüe.

Album sales of over 40million, endless sold out stadium tours – the Motleys were the Don’s of rock and remain legends. They were the band you never thought you’d see live again until they returned to the stage last year – if you missed it, it’s captured here in the first ever double live album with the reunited legendary line up.

The story of their career, graphically detailed in the best-selling 2001 autobiography, The Dirt (soon to be a major motion picture) is one of dirty needles, damaged minds, music industry battles and sex – lots of sex. And the miraculous thing about the Crüe is not that they lived to tell the tale (although that is, in a way, a kind of unholy miracle), it’s that all of their wildly uncontrollable habits are clearly audible in their music – the sheer sleazy grind of California rock over the last two decades.

How important is Mötley Crüe? Let’s just say that they made rock ‘n roll what it is today. Without the Crüe, stadium rock in the 1990s might have been all about Journey, Foreigner, Kansas and REO Speedwagon. Think about that for a second, will you?

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