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Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet
Spine Of God/Tab
(SPV) /

For the first part of the nineties, Monster Magnet were the most mind-blowing, freak-flag waving, gloriously fucked-up drug rockers on the planet. Their vision of seventies rock excess, warped comic-book Manson family murder madness and punk rock anger was never more fully realised than on debut full-length ‘Spine Of God’ and hypnotic follow-up ‘Tab‘.

If you don’t already own these albums, here’s your chance to fully redeem your record collection. The bad news is for the people that already do.

These reissues are unfortunately a missed opportunity to fully expand and celebrate the band’s finest work with only one bonus track added to each and extremely brief sleeve notes.

The music, however, will melt your mind every time. Here’s hoping Dave Wyndorf recovers from his drug overdose to reschedule the European tour that was due to be happening now as soon as possible!