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Mindless Self Indulgence

Mindless Self Indulgence
(The End Records)

You should know the deal with Mindless Self Indulgence by now. They have simple guitars, they have bleepy bits and they sing about fucking. They have a new album out called If and there is no change in the formula whatsoever.

So why should you listen to this band? Because they’re fucking fun that’s why. The singer is called Jimmy Urine, and no matter how sensible you want to be, that’s funny. Don’t pretend like it isn’t, I can see you sniggering. The band knows what they’re good at and what their fans want and there is no reason to change it.

So press play on Get It Up, lean back, put your feet on the desk and get ready to enjoy lyrics such as “I wanna make some money, but I don’t want no job, I wanna make you horny, but I can’t get it up.” It’s not literary classic, but it is funny!