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Brother, Sister
(Tooth & Nail)

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I can rarely sink my teeth into an album unless it is jam packed with swearing, screaming, chuggy guitars and the occasional grunt. A friend had told me about MeWithoutYou and I constantly said I would check them out, when I had no intention of wasting my time on yet another factory produced indie creation.

Eventually, after being threatened with being tied to a chair, I gave the album ‘Brother Sister‘ a listen. Well, more fool me for not doing it sooner. I am officially a MeWithoutYou addict.

This 5 piece from Philadelphia may be quite ‘softly softly’ but it works. They take bog standard indie and shake it up with a fusion of percussion, keys, foot tapping drum beats and unpredictable vocals.

What makes this band for me is the delivery of the lyrics. Front man Weiss sucks you in with his dulcet mellow ramblings until he has lured you close enough to blow the skin of your face with his erratic delivery of the chorus.

I am now the proud owner of all of their albums and I suggest you all get your ear ‘oles around this lot.

Kelly Renda