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Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes
(Loog Records)

I would rather try to avoid sounding too much like every hype machine influenced blogger on the planet and blowing everything a gazillion miles out of proportion, but I genuinely have not been this excited about an album dropping in a very long time. Let me explain why.

Bicycle is the first single to come from the debut full length from Memory Tapes due in September and it is, and I will not hesitate in saying this, absolutely incredible. In amongst the excessive free downloads that the blogosphere shits out, regurgitates and shits out again (normally with additional corn-infested remixes) on a daily basis, songs like this are a huge breath of fresh air.

It’s beautifully composed; enough intricacies to keep your ears busy yet puts melody, uplifting choruses and New Order influenced basslines a priority so that it remains a pleasure to listen to again and again. And while most things surfacing at the moment are either club bangers or summertime grooves, this crossing the boundaries and sounds spectacular regardless of context. Enough bounce to keep dancefloors happy, and more than enough life assuring harmonies to fulfil the soundtrack of a perfect bicycle ride.

Seek Magic, the album this single is getting me all tingly and randy for, is available for pre-order now from Rough Trade. I personally am assured we’re in store for more lovely, lovely music.