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London Posse

London Posse
‘Money Mad’
Tru Thoughts

Let’s head back into 1987 when London Posse kicked off a career in Hip Hop that would last a legendary lifetime in British hip hop.

Made up of Sipho, Rodney P, Bionic and DJ Biznizz they kicked off with a self titled release on Big Life produced by a young Tim Westwood followed by the seminal ‘Money Mad’ on Westwood’s Justice Records in 1988 that put Rodney P and Bionic on the map. The Posse may have split leaving these remaining two members but they went from strength to strength to release ‘Gangster Chronicle’, one of UK hip hop’s most cherished slabs of vinyl that is scheduled for a full re-issue treatment on 17th June via Tru-Thoughts.

Keep an ear out for ‘Money Mad’ with brand new remixes coming from Drumagick and Wrongtom on 13th May and if you don’t click on the play button on this documentary you will never know your Tru roots. Support it whilst we try and find out who those skaters are in the opening frames…answers on a postcard please.