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Violent Reprisal

Any decent record collection should have sounds to fit any mood that the owner might happen to be in. Nick Drake for when you want to chill out. Andrew WK for when you want to party. The Smiths for when you’re feeling depressed. Well, how about something for when you feel like smashing someone’s face in with a brick and you just want to feel the warm blood from their pulverized face running across your knuckles and down your arm? Then may I recommend ‘Violent Reprisal‘ by grindcore ‘Supergroup’ Lock-Up? Feeling angry sir? This is the perfect soundtrack to your violence.

Featuring an all-star grindcore cast of Tomas Linberg (At The Gates), Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Nick Barker (Bimmu Borgir) and Peter Taggren from Hypocrisy, ‘Violent Reprisal‘ features thirty tracks of screaming hyper-fast grindcore that harks back to the early says of ‘Scum‘ era Napalm Death and genre defining bands such as Terrorizer and Siege. Every track is as tight and vicious as you’d expect from a bunch of musicians who have played so much extreme metal over the years they can probably drop blastbeats in their sleep. Their enthusiasm for the music, however, seeps out of every bloody pore of this record and you can’t help but get swept up in the aural riot. Fucking hostile.

James Sherry