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Raiders Of The Lost Archives
(YNR Productions)

When it comes to UK hip hop, the usual names are always floating at the top of the pile – Jehst, Verb T, Harry Love, you know the deal. But let us not forget the one man who likes to flip reality on its head and bring the horror into our realm – Kashmere. Kashmere is back with a new album, Raiders Of The Lost Archives, and showcases what’s to come with the lead single Do The Numbers.

The Jehst and LG produced track swings into action with some ridiculous upright bass and dusty snares with Kashmere slamming in almost immediately with his typical flow promising to murk “all bastards”. The beat and the vocals compliment each other perfectly and with the chorus saying “One, two and one more makes three, we’re gonna teach everybody how to MC”, you know the rapper is bringing it hardcore and meaning every word he says.

The b-side to the single and also featured on the album is Dawn Of The Darkness, produced by Fly Stallone [ok, so I made that up, but he’ll love it] aka The Last Skeptik. The beat is defiantly upbeat with an almost whistling melody which is brilliantly juxtaposed by Kashmere’s lyrics which recount the tale of pain, blood and carnage. Want to hear a fella rap about meeting the guardian of hell? You got it right here!

“24/7 is the rate of combustion” says the Iguana Man to kick the single off, which is seriously apt, as this album is fire.