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Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather
Something Out Of Nothing
(Profane Existence)

Back in the eighties Imperial Leather was every punks preferred soap for spiking up their hair. Yeah, we didn’t have gel or fudge in those days, we just used glue and soap ‘cos things were much more punk back then and this record celebrates those glory days! Musically Imperial Leather are classic punk rock with an early eighties sound that is packed full of high-energy tunes and buzzing riffs. The only difference from the old days being that ‘Something Out Of Nothing’ is blessed with a great production that is just on the right side of raw but clear enough to do the killer tunes justice.

Hailing from Sweden, their line-up is a virtual who’s who of Swedish punk rock featuring Amyl Nitrate of the Spider Cunts on vocals (could this shit get anymore punk rock?) and past members of bands such as the mighty Bruce Banner, DS-13, Dischange and No Security – teaming up to create the perfect punk rock explosion. Regulations better watch their backs, Imperial Leather could be after their Swedish punk rock crown!

James Sherry