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Ice Cube

Ice Cube
Why We Thugs?
Virgin Records

Former NWA rapper Ice Cube is back with a bang as he releases his new album and shows he’s lost none of his style or hard hitting content.

Why We Thugs, the first track to be taken from the album Laugh Now, Cry Later, sees Cube tackling the continued problem of violence on the streets, and sees Bush making the same mistakes as Saddam did when he was in power. When he states that “every hood’s the same, everything’s the same” you know he’s speaking from experience and it’s a sad state of affairs that we’ve not come on from street gangs and larger scale warfare.

Cube also questions why he’s called an animal for smoking some weed and wonders why the person who built the prison he gets thrown into isn’t the animal. Uncompromising as ever, Cube spits the brutal truth in his typically hard delivery and shows that he’s not afraid to say the things that others might. If this single is an indication of the rest of the album, then he’s going to set a lot of tongues wagging and get some people in high places’ back’s up. Long may that continue. This single is released on September 4th, look out for it.