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I Object

August 9th, 2006 by Crossfire

There’s nothing better than hearing a band just blow up in your face and spray you with their anger and spiteful hatred and this is exactly what you get with ‘I Object’.

This 16 track incendiary device co-released through Alternative Tentacles and Blacknoise is uncontrollable from first track ‘Like a Billboard‘ until the more mellow chuggy hardcore efforts of ‘The Chosen Profession‘ 6 tracks in – after that the album explodes right in your face again until the end!

Fronted by the spiky vocals of pissed off, riot girl Barb, ‘Teaching Revenge‘ is a dose of 80′s inspired hardcore that has it’s DIY ethics intact and its edges razor sharp.

You would be wise to grab this album if you like your music out of control and with a passion for punk before profit as this has everything.

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