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I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost
Lovers’ Requiem

This is the debut album from Californian sextet I Am Ghost, and a gloriously overblown affair it is too. Imagine Atreyu and Dragonforce hosting a jam session in Avenged Sevenfold’s tourbus, and you’ll have a rough idea of what these guys (and girl) sound like. Songs like ‘Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps’ and ‘Dark Carnival Of The Immaculate’ are a feast of widdly solos, soaring vocals and choruses huge enough to house an entire army of eyeliner-clad fans.

If this all sounds a bit cheesy…then that’s because it is; but we all have our guilty pleasures, and I Am Ghost clearly weren’t bothered about stumbling across the odd cliché in their quest to make ‘Lovers’ Requiem’ sound as epic as possible. So switch off the lights, tune up that air guitar and turn your stereo up loud for this one.