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The Hellacopters

Head Off
(Wild Kingdom)

After 13 years in the rockNroll business, The Hellacopters have declared “Head Off” as their final mission and, to push the superlative, it’s very much a flight of fancy. The disc is entirely other bands songs given a shot of typically electrified hi-energy Stockholm rock treatment.

What’s cool is the songs covered are not ‘obvious’ and by better known artistes (for those check out the 2 x “Cream of The Crap” compilations) but a collection of numbers by underground bands whose names and reputations are unlikely to have registered on the radar of many High Street Hipsters and fashionistas. Importantly though, these are the real-deal bands and sounds that have made an impact on, and helped create the soundtrack to these Swedish dudes journeys across the globe.

Thus, there is music from North America, Australia and Scandinavia, and for the most part this is a riveting salvo of impeccably executed hard rock action, with The ‘copters payin’ the dues to the likes of Asteroid B-612 The Peepshows, The Humpers, Turpentines, Dead Moon, The Robots, New Bomb Turks and Gaza Strippers (click the Play Button for their ballistic take on “Throttle Bottom“) I was looking forward to hearing their version of (Melbourne’s) Powder Monkeys “Straight Until Morning” but evidently it will only be on the Japanese pressing of “Head Off“.

Ack, that minor negative aside this is a stellar final blast from a band whose music and live shows have given me much entertainment in the past few years – golden memories. They head out for a final tour this autumn with touch down in London scheduled on 29th September at the LA 2. Get to it.

Pete Craven