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In a time where metal bands are two-a-penny but quality prospects are few and far between, Gehenna stand as a genuinely unique proposition in an increasingly stagnant and overcrowded marketplace.

Formed in early 2006 the quintet wasted little time in carving their own distinctive niche from a largely predictable scene, creating music that felt natural to themselves rather than what they imagined people wanted to hear. Spitting in the face of an all-too-common perception that talent is based solely on speed and complexity, the band’s early days saw them hone their skills in both the rehearsal room and on the stage.

Focussing on solid song writing that provided precision rather than flashiness, they quickly forged a reputation as a fearsome live band, gaining support slots alongside such established acts as Mendeed and Bring Me The Horizon and earning a promising 3K live review from Kerrang! in the process.

However, it was the dawn of 2007 that saw their true potential and creativity unleashed. Following a slight change in personnel, the band knuckled down and retreated to the practice space, producing their most advanced material yet. Where once there was raw fury now stood controlled aggression; each member showing greater understanding of their instruments and in turn branching into bold, epic territories that built on their roots rather than severing them. It was a decision that would quickly pay off.

After hitting the venues harder than ever the band were personally chosen to support hardcore titans Hatebreed by front man Jamey Jasta, destroying a near sold-out Oxford Zodiac as well as attracting as many as 200 punters (that’s 200 paying punters) to their own headline shows.

Recorded at Oxfordshire’s Apple Pirate Productions, VII VII VII stands as the next step in Gehenna’s already impressive evolution. Showcasing the band’s strongest work to date – as well as their reluctance to compromise their vision regardless of trends and outside opinion – it stands as proof that heavy music remains as fresh and exciting as ever.

As the old saying goes: If you want something done correctly, you have do it yourself. Gehenna are living proof that wiser words have rarely been spoken.”

Ryan Bird