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Things You Already Know Just Here To Remind You
(Emma’s Kitchen Productions)

What is it that the world famous Abjekt gets up to on a Sunday evening?

That’s a question that has passed the lips of many people, not least the Dali Lama, George W. Bush and Bungle from Rainbow. Well, now the truth finally comes out. This past Sunday, I was scowering MySpace during a bout of undeniable boredom, looking for new tunes that I can bump at ridiculous levels and wind up my downstairs neighbours even more. What I found was a jackpot of epic proportions – EKP.

What do I know about him? Fuck all other than he’s Swedish and his tunes are amazing. His album Things You Already Know Just Here To Remind You is the bastard child of RJD2 and Reanimtor, which is a good thing for me seeing as they are two of my favourite producers.

EKP is able to lay chilled out beats next to big band bangers without a problem and the track you can hear here, Followed, is the best of the lot. It’s as if he took a track from RJ’s Since We Last Spoke album, injected it with some type of illegal anabolic steroid and then kicked the volume control until it submitted and made the drums sound like some kind of hip hop propeller.

What I did after discovering EKP to finish off my Sunday however, you really don’t want to know.