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Certified Air Raid Material
(Alpha Pup)

Edward Ma, better know as edIT, is another one of these artists that starts off well and then all of a sudden blasts like a laser beam through an asteroid from a 1980s video game. The producer and member of Glitch Mob brought out his debut album Crying Over Pros For No Reason in 2003 and whilst it was a decent enough record, his new release, Certified Air Raid Material is the result of 4 years of solid improvement.

The album features the likes of French group TTC, Busdriver, Living Legends’ The Grouch and world-renowned D-Styles, proving just how much pull edIT really has. With his glitchy hooks and booming basslines, there isn’t a moment’s rest in the entire 47 minutes of the album and the song you’ll hear by clicking above is testament to that.

Artsy Remix sees The Grouch rapping over an enormous fuzzy tune about how people think they’re the shit because they performed contrived actions, when all they’re managing to do is be seen by everyone as a try-hard loser. If you dig this beat, make sure you cop the entire album, because if you’re not moving like an epileptic staring at a strobe light, there really is no hope.