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Drive-Thru Records Compilation

Drive-Thru Records
Greatest Hits Compilation

10 years ago Richard and Stefanie Reines started an independent, punk rock label in California called Drive-Thru Records. Now in 2005, the label has the luxury of issuing a full compilation of the best tracks from various artists from the roster and deliver it to you just in time for xmas!

Yep, this compilation features 16 hit tracks from the labels 10 successful acts including New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Something Corporate, Finch, Senses Fail, Midtown, Fenix TX, The Early November, Allister, Hellogoodbye and Spanish Fly meaning that this will be hard to beat this year if you are into alternative punk and rock scenes. The compilation is released in the UK on November 28th check out the Finch video on this page and go to the competition page on this site to win one of 5 copies before it’s out! Click here!