Buzz Chart


False Hopes
(Doomtree Records)

Let’s open the scene:

Abjekt says: I’m doing a Doomtree buzzer, shall I just suck cock for the entire thing?
Moose says: Yes, completely.

So, with Moose’s backing, welcome to the wonderful world of Abjekt Loves Doomtree. The Minneapolis crew have been tearing the underground of hip hop various levels of new arseholes for a while and with a crew record expected in 2008, they very kindly put out a crew False Hopes, comprising tunes that weren’t quite up to scratch for the album.

After hearing the record, it’s clear to me that Doomtree have just wiped the floor with 99% of music with their scraps. If this is anything to go by, their crew album is going to blow brains faster than a Bangkok ladyboy with Guinness World Records on his mind. The track you can hear by clicking above is Knives On Fire. A banging beat and some militant rhyming from Sims, POS and Mictlan says it all, so get to clickety-clicking and nod your motherfucking head sucker.

“You’re mad coz you don’t make moves, you’re sad coz you can’t break through, you’re bad and now you hate Doomtree, knives on fire motherfucker, make room” they tell us, and who are we to argue? Take cover, Doomtree are here.