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Dinosaur Pile-Up

Growing Pains
Friends Vs Records

What’s the music world lacking in right now? Some straight-up, awesome new rock bands. Dinosaur Pile-Up do a damn fine job of bringing back the gritty yet catchy rock tune with debut album ‘Growing Pains’. Packing a humungous punch through hooky riffs, hard-hitting drum-patterns and some of the most addictive vocal harmonies ever to be heard, ‘Growing Pains’ is a record that begs to be heard by the masses. Because it will no doubt be loved by all and sundry.

Current single ‘Mona Lisa’ is certainly one of the highlights, surging forth with such assured melodic brilliance that it jumps out at you like a lightning bolt. In fact, the majority of the album is decidedly loud and electric. The only respite from full-on rocking comes just before the very end of the record with ‘Hey You’ which sets out very softly softly but ends in a characteristically crashing climax. Another anthem-in-the-making comes in the form of ‘Love To Hate Me’ – dark themes are offset by a chorus melody so brimming with exuberance that you can’t help but smile as you sing along. Singing along is inevitable with Dinosaur Pile-Up. Experimental they’re not, but this is a band so endearingly focused on producing the very best rock tunes they can that you can’t help but get swept up in the wave of rocking riffs and pure melody they so expertly purvey.

Chirps Galore