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Diamond Nights

Diamond Nights
Kemado Records

Diamond Nights are a 4 piece from NYC, they have tunes style in common with Thin Lizzy and take rock and roll a few steps forward in the chain to the indie world. This album grows on you from the start and features an array of very catchy tracks that ooze rock and roll cool. Tracks like the wonderful 7″ single “Destination Diamonds” that was released in the summer, the sneaky “Drip Drip”, and the blatant charge of “It’s a Shocka” are just 3 classic tracks on this album. But then you have the Led Zep influenced “Red Hex” and Billy Idol styled “The Girls Attractive”, “City of Love” and also the mellow side of the band with tracks like the wonderful “Snakey” Ruth” and “Ordinary Life”.

This band are destined for big things, especially if they have the nerve to release the track “Dirty Thief” as a bone fide single as this track could clean up on any drive time radio show and would be destined for the charts aross the planet. This album is highly recommended if you like catchy rock music with a twist. Out now on Kemado Records and highyl recommended.