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A Badly Broken Code
(Doomtree Records)

It’s easy to get carried away when you finally get to hear an album you’ve been waiting on for literally years. You build up the hype in your head for so long that invariably you get let down by the final product and then you spiral into a whirlwind of disappointment. Well, maybe not that far, but you get the drift. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with A Badly Broken Code. In fact, quite the opposite – we might only be in the third week of the year, but I can safely say if there’s an album that tops Dessa‘s debut full-length, it will be perfect.

Having a plethora of talent on the production boards – MK Larada, Paper Tiger, Cecil Otter and Lazerbeak from her Doomtree crew as well as Big Jess – ensures the beats are the perfect bedfellow for her delivery, a delivery which flits from beautiful melancholic singing on Poor Atlas to her own unique rapping style on The Bullpen.

Throughout the album her poetic lyrics weave intruiging stories taking in relationships, family and the love of her crew whilst never seeming contrived or overly wordy. The album is bound to appeal to many people [it’s been given the thumbs up by Mama Abjekt] because it has so many facets in its make up. But what stands out amongst everything, is the overall feel of the album – it flows seemlessly from one song to the next, never dipping in quality.

Below is a track from the album, Dixon’s Girl, which showcases the talent on offer. Absolutely brilliant.