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‘Take A Good Look’
(People Like You)

Deadline are among the hardest working punk bands in the UK, and if there’s any justice, ‘Take A Good Look’ will be the record to gain them some much-deserved recognition.

Songs like ‘Blood On Your Hands’ and ‘Keep On Running’ combine the melodic suss of NYC luminaries like Blondie and the Ramones with a hardcore edge reminiscent of The Business and other UK street-punk bands. There’s plenty of lush vocal harmonies, courtesy of singer Liz Rose, and overall, ‘Take A Good Look’ sounds like it could eat offerings from pop-punk lightweights like Paramore for breakfast.

Melodic enough to sing along to, but loud enough to kick up a decent-sized pit amongst any punk crowd worth their salt, it seems that this Deadline has well and truly arrived. Check out ‘Do You Think’ on the link above, and visit the band’s Myspace page at: for more tunes.

The band also have a couple of UK dates ahead of them before the end of the year:

Nov 25th – Great Yarmouth, Speedfreaks Ball
Dec 9th – London, Islington Academy