Dead Confederate

Following the critical acclaim of album ‘Wrecking Ball’, Dead Confederate release another single ‘Start Me Laughing’ from their debut full-length. The song immediately pulls you into the gloomy state of this almost haunting, melodic music with the fast paced guitar riffs of lead guitarist Walker Howle and Jason Scarboro’s strong drum beats.

Start me Laughing’ gives you an inside look into the inner workings of the band and what makes their music so good. The use of John Watkins’ keyboard stylings and Brantley Senn’s heavy bass riffs adds depth and complexion to this intricate, musical masterpiece. In comparison to the rest of their music, this appears to be one of the bands heavier songs, with lead singer, Hardy Morris’ emotional shouts and bursts portraying what their music is all about. It is easy to see why they have been compared to bands like Nirvana and My Morning Jacket, when you hear their raucous, yet inspiring solos that leave you wanting to hear more. Live this band are absolutely stunning as their recenty Barfly headline slot proved so look out for new album plans too as the new record is finished and almost ready for your ears.


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