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Comets on Fire

Comets on Fire
Sub Pop

OK, light one up and then press the ‘play track‘ button on this page as you need to read this whilst tuning into the music for it to have the best effects.

Comets on Fire are back with a new album on Sub Pop records that needs your attention, especially if you like vegging out to psychedelic rock under the influence. ‘Avatar‘ is a 7 track LP that boasts 70’s rock and blues from start to finish reminding you that stoner rock never ages, it just matures. And if maturity is waht you are looking for in your quest for the unltimate bong load then look no further as tracks such as the opener ‘Dogwood Rust’ is a psychedelic trainride plummetting into an abyss of continuous dirty basslines and snazzy guitar noodling – a real winner to kick start such a wonderful journey.

But this is just 7 minutes of 45 merging into ‘Jaybird’ that builds into chaos and then allows your heart beat to calm down whilst birds sing out the mellow jams that follow. Fuzzy guitars are not all what this album is about though as the delightful piano come-down of ‘Lucifer’s Memory‘ clears the air. This is a temporary lull though as the rolling drums of ‘The Swallows Eye‘ builds towards the rip roaring ‘Holy Teeth‘ where the band go mental with screaming vocals and solo’s that could shave a mans balls. Avatar then ducks out with the meandering ‘Sour Smoke‘ and the rock filled ‘Hatched Upon the Age‘ completing this trip with magnitude and style.

This album is out right now and has a bit of everything, from the golden years of the 70’s acid rock to the early 80’s rocking warlords of metal, go find it and have a night in with the devil…

Live dates:

06-Oct London ICA
07-Oct Nottingham TBC
08-Oct Glasgow Mono
10-Oct Galway Roisin Dubh
11-Oct Belfast, Auntie Annie’s
12-Oct Dublin, Whelans