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Coldcut w/Roots Manuva
True Skool
(Ninja Tune)

Coldcut are back in a big way, with the single True Skool which features the ever lovable and utterly distinctive tones of Roots Manuva providing the lyrical content. The eastern tabla beat pounds away under a catchy-as-hell vocal sample as Rootsva tells you to “stamp your footsie” and “wiggle your tootsie”, you can’t really go wrong with words like that now can you?

As well as this original edit, which is, as the chorus tells us “cooler than cool”, you get 4 remixes, all of which have their moments. The two that will garner most interest will be Sway‘s remix and Spank Rock’s. Sway was apparently so excited by the prospect of remixing this track that he submitted two, and the one that made it is a typical fuzzy Sway beat with the London MC getting some rapping time for himself. The Spank Rock remix is again typical of their style with a booming electro bass line which is just begging to be rinsed in a club.

With an awesome drum n bass remix also ready to make you break out the moves, its clear that if you aren’t feeling Coldcut, then its you that needs to get right back to skool!