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Cute Is What We Aim For

Cute Is What We Aim For
Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch
(Fueled By Ramen)

The internet seems to be the most powerful tool in securing a record deal nowdays, and Cute Is What We Aim For hit the nail on the head, with Pure Volume and My Space hype leading to their deal with Fueled By Ramen. Ramen have built up a formidable reputation for unearthing some hidden gems in the US indie pop punk scene, and with the irrepressible ‘Cute is What We Aim For’ they’ve struck gold.

The New York based four piece came together only 2 years ago, but with over 2 million plays on Pure Volume and over 100,000 friends on My Space falling for their boyish charm, they’ve been fast tracked to their first album. Their debut ‘ Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch’ is a tight, exciting little bundle of well written, intelligent power pop. Maintaining that familiar pop punk twinges, the Matt Squire produced album is bright and slick – the first single ‘There’s a Class For This’, has echoes of Panic! At The Disco (another Squire production) but has more attitude, delivered with panache and swagger, as it meanders from aggressive guitars to catchy chorus lines, ‘Risque’ and ‘Sweat The Battle Before The Battle’ are stand out tracks on the album – the biting lyrics sugar coated by the upbeat guitars in ‘Risque‘ “grammatically speaking you’re adorable and from what I hear you’re quite affordable.”

Teasing to Please’ jumps from a full layered guitar wave to stripped down bare vocals. Some of the lyrics and melodies aren’t hugely mature(“This is a seasonal affair, so be there or be square”) but then – the oldest guy in the band is only 19, and bearing that in mind, this debut is miles ahead of so many of their contemporaries. ‘The Fourth Drink Instinct’ brings together the best of the band, borderline acoustic, with poignant lyrics, it reinforces just how talented these guys are. Cute is What We Aim For’s debut is a slice of well written power pop, unbelievably catchy hooks and slick production, give it a listen and watch this space, these guys are going to fly.